Preparatory Schools are Helping Students Develop Values for Life Beyond University

Preparatory Schools are Helping Students Develop Values for Life Beyond University

Preparing Students for University and Beyond


A preparatory school is the ideal option for parents who are committed to the academic excellence of their children; providing benefits that will be enjoyed long after they graduate from high school. While most schools focus on helping students achieve the grades required for acceptance into the post-secondary institution of their choice, prep schools go further than that. Prep schools devote resources to provide each student with the life skills needed to ensure their continued success, long after they graduate.


Preparatory schools focus on the values of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, the importance of strong peer and teacher relationships as well as reaching the height of academic potential by overcoming personal learning obstacles. Unlike public schools that rely on tax-funded budgets, prep schools are privately funded independent secondary schools. Prep schools have a very selective admissions process to ensure students who attend reflect the values and culture of the school. It also allows the school to identify highly-motivated students who will thrive in a challenging curriculum. Prep schools offer a challenging curriculum to prepare students for top-tier post-secondary schools.


Preparatory vs Public Schools

The difference between a public and prep school is felt almost immediately. It all begins with a team of devoted and specialized teachers and administrators who are greatly committed to the success of each and every student. Preparatory school teachers are well qualifiedand sought after due to their impressive credentials. Specialized focus on important subjects allows teachers to connect with students and work through problems together. It is important for students to establish relationships and open communication with their teachers.


Smaller Classes, Larger Focus on Student Success


Smaller class sizes in prep schools bolster two-way communication and help staff members pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each child so that they can help students overcome personal learning obstacles. Smaller class sizes also ensure no student is simply a "face in the crowd.” A reduced number of people in the classroom aids in engaging discussion and helps the learning process. There is an emphasis on the concept of "learning by doing,” making active listening and participation a means of ensuring that lessons are understood and information is retained.


Another benefit of smaller class sizes is the flexibility this offers teachers to assign complicated and thought-provoking assignments. Teachers have time to dedicate to comprehensive analysis of each assignment and can provide in-depth feedback to help develop their students. This is worth far more than a simple letter grade! Schools can also offer students specialized elective classes that public schools just cannot offer with larger class sizes. Teachers, in short, have far more time to invest in communicating with students and parents to ensure the true value of each lesson is fully understood.


Building Character


Preparatory schools aim to instill the following traits in their students:

  • A sense of personal responsibility
  • A sense of social responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • A grasp of technology
  • Excellent study habits
  • School spirit and morale
  • Respect for one other, for teachers and administrators, for society and for themselves


Preparatory schools are committed to the continued success of each and every student. Through specialized classes and engaged partnerships with teachers, graduates of prep schools are confident and have socially developed into team players with natural leadership and c ommunication skills. These skills will take students well beyond a post-secondary education and into the "real world.”
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